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Sunny Side Up Labs

U&U Collab   |   2022 |   Partner, Creative Director

In collaboration with U&U we created Sunny Side Up Labs. Your full-service Web 3 studio. As our site states, "We're optimists. Curious thinkers. Hip-hop heads and basketball junkies. Breakfast food enthusiasts who love to hit the snooze button. Tatted up individuals who aren't afraid to get loud about the things we love." Check us out! Catch you on the upside!


Peep the one and only Yolkie. The face of SSUL and your homie in Web 3. Designed, modeled, and rendered in Blender, and skillfully rigged in Character Animator, Yolkie is here to guide you through the exciting world of Web 3 and AI technology. Stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations by following Yolkie on social media. Explore his captivating videos below and let Yolkie be your go-to source for all things Web3 and AI.

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